September 06, 2015

Banks & their mischief!

Past few years post 2008 have been arguably the toughest phase for global banks. Crumbling credit opportunities, tougher regulations, ailing financial markets and the inevitable drying up of liquidity have all impacted the bottom-lines of some of the largest banks. These reasons, though not justified, may have perhaps motivated some of these financial powerhouses to get scandalous! Not sure whether the management and shareholders turned away after seeing what was happening.

The following chart explains the regulatory fines levied on the top banks since 2009.

If you are wondering how is BankAm still surviving that hit, some of their retail banking acquisitions were really value adding deals for their profits. And Merrill Lynch added up numbers too.

Many are also surprised to see Goldman Sachs sitting much lower in that list. Well, now you know!